Things to do in Weak immunity.

Are you having recurrent sore throat, loose motions , tiredness, feeling of weakness, You could be having weak immunity.

Let’s discuss how to boost your immunity?

After following these tips you can improve your immunity.

  1. Eat healthy diet (plant based foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices)
  2. Keep stress under control (workout on your hobbies or meditation)
  3. Get plenty of good quality sleep
  4. Exercise regularly (outdoors, if possible)
  5. Limit your alcohol consumption, if you are taking
  6. Don’t smoke cigarettes
  7. If you have chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease or diabetes, then should keep symptoms under control.So, do above things and be strong, keep yourself and your family healthy.

Apart from these Ayurveda also his immense potential to enhance immunity. Lets also understand them.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Immunity

Our ancient science to cure was Ayurveda, Good immunity prevents us from all diseases in daily lives. Immunity can be developed only after regular practice and incorporating some basic Ayurveda medicines remedies in our daily lives. Lets discuss some tips and tricks of Ayurveda to boost up our immunity.

  1. The first prevention of any disease- don’t suppress natural urge of urination and pooping.
  2. Handwash made of triphla, haldi and neem (wash for at least 20 seconds)
  3. Use danta manjan of khadir, karanj, neem, haldi, triphala (mouth is gate for all bacteria)
  4. Use warm water with saindhav (rock) salt for gargling
  5. Oil pulling therapy- takes one tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil in mouth. Do not drink, swish in the mouth for 2-3 minutes.spit it off followed by warm water rinse, this can be done once or twice a day
  6. Nasal application- apply sesame oil/coconut oil/ghee in both nostrils (morning and evening)
  7. Oil massage/scrubbing – daily massage with sesame plays an important role in increasing overall immunity .use masoor daal powder and haldi for scrubbing( it detoxifies our skin )
  8. Head massage with sesame oil/coconut oil or medicated oil
  9. Golden milk-half teaspoon haldi powder into 150 ml of milk, you may add sugar or shatavari kalpa drink once or twice a day
  10. Daily practice of yogasana, pranayam, meditation – all for at least 30 mins.
  11. Take chyavanprash (one tsf) in morning.diabetics should take sugar free chyavanprash
  12. Add lemon juice and ghee in your food
  13. While cooking use spices like haldi (turmeric), jeera (cumin seeds), dhania (coriander), lahsun (ginger)
  14. Boiled water with golden ring- boil water with any golden ring ,remove it after boiling and drink that water(suvarna sidha jal)
  15. Drink warm water throughout the day
  16. Immune booster for children .drink fresh lemon juice with warm water
  17. Herbal tea/decoction (kadha)- decoction made from tulsi (basil), dalchini (cinnamon), kali mirch (black pepper), shunthi (dry ginger) and munakka (raisins). Drink it once or twice a day, add jaggery (natural sugar) if needed

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