Intro: Here are the ways to fight the virus for the body from inside out. Dr Chanchal Sharma and Dt Shivani Kandwal show us the way.


As we may know, immunity is our body’s capability to fight external toxins, bacteria, etc, so that it can protect our body from these bacteria. Typically, there are two types of immunity that our body can have; active immunity (present in our body) and passive immunity (given through vaccines to tide over any acute phase). We have Dr Chanchal Sharma (BAMS, MD, Ayurveda) of Aasha Ayurveda Clinic near me in Delhi, and Dt Shivani Kandwal, a well renowned Dietician & Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, talk about how we can build immunity to fight Novel Coronavirus.

Question: How does homeopathic medicines helps in boosting immunity?

Answer: Homeopathic medicines help different bodies differently. There are medicines that are available in Homeopathy that are given to patients according to their respective age group, underlying conditions, preconditions, etc.

Question: Are Camphora and Arsenic Album safe for long term use?

A: Although, Homeopathy is the safest -pathy available and these medicines can be taken by diabetic, hypertension or pregnant ladies. However, Camphora and Arsenic Album should not be taken for longer periods of time than prescribed. Also, they should not be taken together since collectively they both react.

Q: What do Vata, Pitta, Kapha refer to in Ayurveda?

A: According to any Ayurveda doctor, every human body is made of three combination i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The neurological system can be compared to Vata Dosha, digestive system and its secretion can be compared to Pitta Dosha, the hormonal system can be compared to Kapha Dosha.

Q: Which Kadha is effective for prevention against Covid-19?

A: In Ayurveda, the knowledge of your doshas is necessary before taking any kadha, as without complete knowledge of Doshas might lead to several disorders like skin disorders, indigestions and so on. One needs to consult an Ayurvedic doctor before taking these kadhas. In general, adding saunf or giloy would soften the digestive fire and make the best out of kadha.

Q: Is taking lemon and honey with hot water good for health?

A: No, honey in hot water acts as a slow poison, which accumulates toxins in the body gradually. It is recommended to take lemon and honey in room-temperature water only.

Q: Which multivitamin is necessary for boosting immunity?

A: Vitamin C is very important for our body as it accumulates natural antioxidants in our body. 100-500 mg Vitamin C is important daily for an average adult, as vitamin C flushes out with water very easily. Vitamin D should be taken daily, sunlight being the most beneficial source. Early morning sunlight should be taken for boosting immunity. Calcium and iron should not to be consumed with each other but must be taken on different times. Vitamin B is also necessary.

Q: What should be eaten, and avoided during monsoons?

A: According to Ayurveda, all seasonal fruits must be consumed without any hesitation. However, do keep in mind to not have fruits that have cold results. Turmeric milk also helps to boost immunity because of its anti bacterial properties. According to Homeopathy, sour fruits should not be consumed during monsoons. Also, coffee should be taken in lesser quantity.

Q: Is stress related to immunity?

A: Yes, stress is very much related to immunity as it imbalances the hormonal effects in our body.

Q: How much chyawanprash is recommended for an average human?

A:  Chyawanprash can be given to any person from 1-80 years. In 1-5 year-old child a finger-dip of chyawanprash is enough. For 5-16 years of age, one tablespoon a day is recommended and above 16 years 2 spoonful a day.

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