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Listen to our Expert Panel on Food to be Avoided / Consumed As per Season
Our panelist
1) Dr. Chanchal Sharma
2) Dt. Shivani Kandwal

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Listen to our Expert panel on myth & facts on “Back Pain”.
Our panelist
1.) Dr. Pankaj N Surange, Expert Spine & Pain Physician, IPSC, Delhi
2.) Dr. Amit Mehta, Homeopathy
3.) Dr. Chanchal Sharma, Ayurveda

Know about various myth and facts on hair fall from our expert panel of doctors.
Ask your queries to Dr Navjot Arora (Dermatologist), Dr Chanchal Sharma (Ayurveda), Dr. Amit Mehta (Homeopathy) regarding your hair fall or any hair related issue.

Watch our experts, Dr Yashica Gudesar, Dr Chanchal & Dr. Shafiq Ahmed talking about ” Myth & Facts on Urinary Infections “.

Feel free to ask your queries to our panelists

View our panelist Dr Amit Mehta, Dr. Chanchal and Dt Shivani, discussing about Myths & Facts about Boosting immunity in using homeopathy , ayurveda and diet supplements.