Do you want a preventive healthcare program for your entire family at Rs 599/- where in you may save up to Rs.10000/- per annum and save a huge amount of time by right interventions by expert doctors and medical professionals ?

Introducing Family First

A unique preventive healthcare program for the entire family.

If you have the privilege Membership issued by Family First, you will get

Get 4 OPD specialist consultation*

Additional benefits of medicines, medical equipment, yoga, and diets !

Customised Health Packages

Priority service at all touch points **, all this for not only you, but for your whole family, extended family and friends for 1 whole year***

More than 20% discount on your annual family medical bills at a cost of

Rs. 599/- Only
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Family First

Apply for your family’s coverage today.

* 4 consultations from 4 different doctors
** with prior appointment