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What is Family First?

We are proud to be the first-of-our-kind, virtual multi-speciality hospital in India that brings the best healthcare specialists and other services to its members on a priority basis.

We also provide our members with regular discounts doctor consultation, purchase of medicines, diagnostics, and all the healthcare services that are required to lead a healthy and a wholesome life.

What is a preventive healthcare programme?

Simply put, Preventive Healthcare Programme is you reaching out to your speciality doctor for health diagnosis, screenings to prevent future illnesses and ailments.

We are only waking up to the many benefits of preventive healthcare. Unlike showing symptoms of an ailment and then consulting a doctor, preventive healthcare encourages people to periodically consult a doctor to check the possibility of an ailment; and take preventive measures in time.

How much does this package cost?

We have kept the package at an unbeatable price of Rs 599 per year, for your entire family! What’s more, this annual price covers up to 10 people from your family at the same time.

How is Family First different from any health insurance or a health app?

Primarily, Family First is different from various health insurances because it covers OPDs, which the latter does not. But what really sets us apart is that we have been co-created by speciality doctors and specialists who have decades of experience in treating patients in their fields.

Are there different types of packages?

We currently have only one package of Rs 599 per year, for your entire family.

What benefits am I entitled to under Family First?

Our members get regular discounts on consultation, medicines, diagnostics, investigations & other quality healthcare services required to live a healthy life. The membership also comes with 4 complimentary consultations with the various experts in our ever-growing network of specialists.

Furthermore, the annual membership enables its members a saving of more than 20 per cent on their annual medical family bills.

Who is covered in my family and who is not?

All your loved ones are covered! Up to 10 members of your immediate and extended family are covered in a single membership.

Where can I see the list of all quality healthcare providers of Family First?

An extensive list of all our partner healthcare providers and doctor specialities is on our website. We update it regularly to reflect all our partners. Here is a link: www.myfamilyfirst.in/ListofAssociates.pdf

Can I opt to consult a medical expert outside Family First’s partners?

The reason why we have such a vast pool of experts across specialities is that you would not require to consult anyone outside the Family First network. Currently we do not have a provision for our members to consult doctors outside of our network.

I’m convinced! How do I enrol?

Great! The enrolment process is simple and straightforward. Click on Apply Now, fill the form with your details, make the online payment and you become a privileged member of Family First in seconds!

Can I pay in cash to buy the membership?

Yes. We have made the enrolment process keeping your convenience in mind! You can become a privileged FF member by paying cash at any of our associates’ clinics.

For how long is this membership valid?

Your membership is valid for one year from the day your enrol. After completion of one year, you will have to pay the annual membership fees again.

How do I use the web space to upload my health documents?

It’s simple. You create a folder by your name, and you can upload any to all your medical reports in jpg or pdf format. That’s it!

What is the reward system on coins that I collect?

For every rupee you spend with FF partners, be it on OPD, medicines, equipment, services, medical treatments and procedures, you get 1 coin. 100 coins equal 1 rupee. Once you collect coins equivalent to 1000 rupees you can get it redeemed to a free consultation from any doctor on the panel.

How long will the online consultations with doctor last?

All our online consultations are for 15 minutes each. However, please be assured that this amount of time is ample for the doctor to answer all your queries and doubts patiently.

How do I get the prescription for my online consultation?

Again, we have simplified this process for your convenience! Your consulting doctor will upload the prescription after the consultation. It will be visible on the Family First app for you to access and view. What’s more, it will always stay there for you to access.