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Family First offers a preventative health care program to its members for priority attendance with health care specialists and regular discounts on diagnostics, investigations, consultation, medicines & all healthcare services required to live a healthy life .

As a identification of the same we are offering you a Privilege card.

We partner with best and certified healthcare professionals to provide you world-class care. We take great pride in caring our members with quality services that brings difference in their lives.

This Privilege  card enables members a saving more than 20% on their annual family bills.

Unmatched benefits with Family First Preventative Health Care Program

Get up to 20% discount on all Radiology and Pathology Tests
Get your sample collected at your doorstep in no additional cost at your convenient time.
Includes all family members, avail benefits for all throughout the year
Purchase medicines from our pharmacy network & get up to 40% discount.
Get up to 20% discount on Doctor Consultation at our network Clinic.
Get up to Discounts on Dietician. Medical equipment and ayurvedic services.

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Network Advantages Of Family First Preventative Health Care Program

Why Choose Family First Preventative Health Care Program?

We are one-stop solution for Diagnostic, Doctors and Medicine needs.
We are focused towards making healthcare affordable for everyone.
We offer customized preventive healthcare Packages based on your health profile.
Our one-of-a-kind family health card offers Priority  OPDs at our empanelled network in your neighborhood.
We have strong network of Clinics, Labs and Trusted Pharmacies.
Our services like Home Sample Collection, Free delivery of Medicines make the experience convenient for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Family First Preventative Health Care Program

What are the benefits of discount health card?

Family First Privilege Health Card has several benefits and savings which include exclusive discounts on all Pathology services, Doctor Consultation, Medicines and more.

Where this discount health card can be used?

The Family First Privilege Card  is accepted at our associates every where. For more details, call: 1800 212 060606 or visit associates.

Which all Doctors are empanelled on your network?

We have partnered with 20+ top-notch Clinics in Delhi NCR and many coming soon in network.

How to reach in case of any query?

You may call us at 1800 212 060606 (Toll Free)or address all your queries to

How to avail the discounts?

Get quick assistance through a call

Call our associate partner whose numbers are displayed on website directly to book a appointment for booking Doctor appointments, customized preventive health packages, lab tests etc.