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“Eating right is key to one maintaining good health and stay away from diseases,”says Shivani. According to her, one must focus on improving their overall lifestyle instead of following a crash diet. As a Diet Coach, Shivani intends to help her clients improve their overall lifestyle in order to help them achieve their goals.

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Dietitian Shivani Kandwal  is the mentor and founder of Nurti Vibes. She is leading a team of professional dietitian who aim to provide best of customized weight loss programs by knowing individual needs. Her satisfied clients’ messages are only the proof of her interests and quality work in dietetics and nutrition field. Now a days Shivani Kandwal  has become a trusted dietitian in India among. She will have been becoming the best dietitian till the end of this year. Why would it be happened is because of her learning and practical knowledge to do the best research to find successful diets for each person to lose weight.


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