Minimal Investment, High Returns

We are looking for medical – practitioners and healthcare providers who can be engaged as founders. It doesn’t need a lot of money, rather it will take your puzzle piece, a bit of courage and a lot of enthusiasm to be one.

You, with other medical and healthcare professionals will bring in your core competence, to co-develop an optimal environment for your own and more prospective patients; who will have it all under one umbrella, from a Physician to an pain specialist, from a pharmacy to a nutritionist. Collaborate with us for a big business opportunity and earn huge.

Family First Health cards provide its members with exclusive offers & benefits like Free OPDs, Free preventive health checkups, regular discounts at healthcare networks like Labs, Pharmacies, Doctor Consultations. Our health cards are exclusively designed to provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services under one roof to the end customers.

Business partners empanelled with us will link the customer to the brand, create awareness on preventive care and wellness and sell the health cards.

It is a win-win position all the way. Grab this opportunity and earn huge.

Benefits Of Networking Partners

  Access to greater expertise and passion.
  A community to participate, get assisted, advised, encouraged and backup.
  Encouragement to keep up and enhance, even after the initial challenges are met.
  Opportunities for further learning through conferences, group knowledge transfers and social gatherings.

  Ability to enhance your patient’s life style and engagement experiences.

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