Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. The Member signing the document is more than 18 years of age and is competent to sign the agreement/membership form.

  2. The Member agree that the purpose of Family First is to bring best medical practitioner’s under one roof and to provide their services at a reasonable cost.

  3.  The Member is free to us the First Family privilege card anywhere in India, with the doctors, medical practitioners, clinics, hospitals empaneled with Family First.

  4. The Member shall be under an obligation to carry and produce the Privilege Card issues to him/her while visiting the empaneled doctor/clinic/center.

  5. The Member agrees and understands that while they will get the benefit of priority on visit to the empanelled doctor they will not ask for the same as a matter of right as there might be medical emergencies and priorities which the empanelled doctors may have to cater to and that the same shall be left at the sole discretion of the individual clinic/empanelled doctor.

  6. The Member agrees that all terms and conditions as mentioned herein shall be equally and unequivocally binding on the persons availing benefits from and under the Membership.

  7. Any minor person during his/her visit to the empanelled doctor of Family First shall be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian.

  8. The Member /person availing membership card agrees to disclose any disease which he/she might be suffering from, while seeking any medical treatment form any empanelled doctor of Family First. The Member/person availing membership card shall disclose any medicines/drugs that the person is taking before starting his/her treatment without failure in order to ensure best medical benefits. In the event of such suppression of facts neither the empanelled doctor/clinic/center nor any employee thereof nor any technician nor any assistant thereof shall be held for any loss, claim or damage caused thereof to the Member or any of his/her family members.

  9. The Member who is the privilege card holder shall be responsible for safety and security of the card as same is property of Family First and the same must be surrendered to Family First in the event f suspension of card and must be destroyed in the event of expiry of the membership. The Member shall be solely responsible for loss, damage, theft etc. of the membership card and that the Member shall be responsible for any loss, claim or damage caused due to such card being misused by any one, which fact shall be immediately be brought to the notice of Family First.

  10. The Member agrees to keep Family First, it’s employees, agents and directors fully indemnified against any loss, claim or damage that may be caused due to loss, damage, misuse or theft of the privilege card.

  11. Payment of membership fee does not entail that there will be no other charges payable by the Member to the doctor/clinic/centre etc. for the treatment. The Member shall be under an obligation to make all payments related to the consultation charges, test charges and such other expenses related to the treatment directly to the doctor/clinic/chemist concerned, whose services are being entailed by it.

  12. Member(s) agree and understand that by becoming Member of Family First they are only entitled to concessional fee/discount and are not entitled to any further waivers. The concessions/discounts would range between 10-20% on the normal consultation fee of the doctor/price charged by the Chemist.

  13. The Member shall immediately notify Family First at care@myfamilyfirst.in, in the event any empanelled doctor/clinic/centre charges more fee from them then what has been mentioned in the privilege card i.e. the Member shall be entitled to 10-20% discount varying from one individual doctor/clinic/centre etc. to another individual doctor/clinic/centre.

  14. The Member understands that Family First does not play any role in deciding the fee any one empanelled with Family First should charge rather the initiative is only to ensure that no Member gets medical services at a rate lower than the standard and normal fee of the empanelled doctor/clinic/center.

  15. The Member is requested to please check the list of the empanelled doctors/clinics/centres on website.

  16. The Privilege card so issued is only meant for the use and benefit of the Members and its family members mentioned in the card. The Member agrees that the privilege card is non-transferable and non-refundable i.e. in the event of suspension, termination; non-usage of membership card the Member shall not be responsible for any refunds whatsoever.

  17. It will be obligatory on part of the Member to renew the membership card on expiry. The renewal of membership shall be subject to such payment and on such terms and conditions as Family First may deem fit and appropriate.

  18. In the event Member wishes to add any other family person’s name in the privilege card the Member is requested to approach Family First for that purpose and Family First at it’s sole discretion and subject to such terms and conditions and upon payment of such amounts as it may deem fit add such additional name. While the addition of the name is permitted the substitution of the name is not permitted .

  19. Any change in the address, contact details etc. Shall be immediately notified in writing at care@myfamilyfirst.in

  20. While Family First understands and appreciates Member(s) right of confidentiality, Family First shall have the right to use the information related to Member or any of it’s family member including pictures, treatment given etc. in promoting, advertising Family First and that the Member shall not raise any objection regard the same and that no further approval shall be required to be obtained in this regard.

  21. The Member agrees to make all payments in time, including membership fee and renewals thereof in cheque and or demand draft, within 15 days of expiry of the privilege card.

  22. Family First is only trying to provide best medical services under one umbrella at discounted rates. The services availed by the Member under this privilege card is personal in nature for which Family First cannot be held responsible. In the event member is not satisfied with the services of any doctor/chemist the same shall be immediately brought to the notice of Family First team alongwith the details of the grievance. Family First reserves the right to take such suitable action against the doctor/chemist as it may deem fit and necessary. However, Family First will not be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage whether direct or consequential that maybe caused due to any treatment.

  23. The Member(s) may be required by the doctors/pathologist etc. To sign such other documents as may be necessary for carrying the medical tests required for the appropriate treatment and to which Family First has no knowledge and to which Family First shall never be a party. Neither Family First, nor its agent, nor its employees nor it’s director shall be held responsible in any manner whatsoever, regard the results and treatment decided thereupon by the concerned doctor, as the services provided are personal in nature.

  24. The Member(s) are required to confirm the consultation charges, test charges, cost of medicines, cost of medical treatment before- hand with the concerned doctor/clinic/center and that neither Family First as an organisation, nor it’s employees, nor it’s directors, nor it’s agents shall be held responsible for correct or incorrect assessment of the same.

  25. The Member(s) are required to make independent decision regard the doctor/treatment and be satisfied before availing any services under the privilege card being issued.

  26. The Member(s) can share their valuable feedback at info@myfamilyfirst.in

  27. The Member(s) agrees that Family First reserves the right to retain/remove any doctor/clinic/center from the empanelment, without any notice or prior intimation to any Member(s).

  28. Member(s), persons availing benefit under this Privilege Card shall be under an obligation at all times to carry this card while visiting the doctor/clinic/center and also to produce the same while visiting the doctor/clinic/center for availing any discounts/concessions. In the absence of Member(s) not carrying the card the doctor/clinic/center shall have the right to refuse the discounts/concessions and the Member shall not raise any objection regard the same.

  29. The Member(s) shall be solely responsible for decision taken and financial obligation of any treatment.

  30. The Member(s) shall be under an obligation to make the payments without default to the doctor/clinic/center irrespective whether the Member(s) has availed any insurance or not and whether the payment has been received from such insurance or not.

  31. The Member(s) are requested to take all advice and information before starting treatment and that the Member(s) agrees to provide unequivocal consent to the physician to carry out the treatment.

  32. The Member(s) shall produce all medical history/records, before the concerned doctor before availing any treatment.

  33. The Member(s) agrees and understands that any sample taken from him during any tests can be used by Family First for carrying out any further research and quality improvements and that Member(s) shall not raise any concern regard the same.

  34. The Member(s) agrees and understands that the discounts/concessions shall be available only regard the empanelled doctor/clinic/center etc.

  35. The Member(s) shall immediately notify loss or damage of the privilege card to the authorized representative of Family First. The Member(s) shall be solely responsible for any loss, claim or damage caused to Family First or any doctor/chemist associated with it.

  36. The Member(s) agrees and understand regard the treatment of the patient shall be referred to the expert panel of doctors that while they shall try to resolve all disputes amicably and mutually, through mediation from the panel of doctors appointed by Family First. All such disputes arising from this card shall be subject to jurisdiction of competent courts at Delhi.